How ozonation works?

Ozone (O³) is a gas made of three atoms of oxygen that becomes blue under low temperatures. This blue coloured gas has a distinct odour, and is about one and a half times heavier than air. When it is under pressure, it is an unstable gas that decomposes readily into molecular oxygen. Ozone smells like the air after thunderstorm. It is non-flammable and dissolves well in water.

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Feel the air like after a thunderstorm

Ozone has antibacterial and disinfecting qualities, moreover it lefts a very calming and pleasant smell (like the fresh air after a thunderstorm!).

The way we create an allotrope of oxygen, consisting of 3 oxygen atoms is the same as in nature. Generator makes electrical discharges which transforms O2 into O3. Efficiency of this process depends on power of generator. We are working with technologically advance, highly efficient industrial devices.

Moreover, ozonation is not only effective as disinfection, it removes odours as well. Deodorisation occurs thanks to process of decomposition of ozone that produces oxygen. Atom of oxygen connects chemical bond of substances that causes bad smell and removes the odour. In simple words it makes the air clean pleasant and good for your health. Our service leaves natural smell of ozone in the air that for most people associate with freshness and cleanliness

Safe cleaning

Effective, rapid, and absolutely safe method of disinfection of interiors. Ozonation removes growing mould, fungus, mite. It disinfects as well air as devices and subjects located in cleaned area.

Natural & eco-friendly

Ozonation is a 100% natural and environmentally friendly. It does not have any negative side effects that could be harmful for nature. This method is perfect especially for families with children or pets, if traditional methods of disinfection are putting their health in risk.

Ozone occurs in nature in Earth’s ozonosphere. It can be produced by ozone generators thanks to process of corona discharge. It removes completely mould, viruses, bacteria and allergens.


Why is ozone better than chlorine?

Ozone works faster and more effective than popular chlorine. It also does not leave dangerous wastage and sharp unpleasant odour. Because ozone is gas it can penetrate the deepest parts of interior where non other cleaning measures can get.  Such as ventilation, upholstery or places out of reach.

Ozonation ensures the deepest cleaning of surfaces &...​

....removes smells and odours (fried fat, smoke, urine).

...removes and prevents mould.

... cleans the air you breath and acts as air purifiers.

... disinfects and sanitises surfaces leaving them safe and germ-free.

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