Ozonation vs Coronavirus

During worldwide coronavirus pandemic ozone is the most effective and rapid method of disinfection. Ozone is significantly more effective than other disinfectants and it is deadly for viruses including Covid-19. This gas is used to fight viruses from over 100 years.

O3 can be used for:

  • Disinfection and sterilisation from viruses, bacteria, germs and fungus.
  • Deodorisation from unwanted odours.
  • Disinfestation from allergens e.g. mites.

How ozone works?

According to the results of the experiment made by Chinese National P3 Laboratory under lead of professor Li Zelin, ozone kills effectively SARS virus injected into monkeys cells, achieving 99.22% effectiveness.

Virus found in Wuhan and SARS are belonging to group of coronaviruses. Scientists found out that new coronavirus ( Covid-19) is similar to SARS in 80% therefore ozone affects it in the same way as on SARS.

Popular methods of disinfection such as UV light are not as effective as ozone. This gas outperform as well UV light as HEPA filters.

A study by McDonnell and Russel in 1999. reports: “In order to decrease or eradicate virus contaminants in inaccessible locations, such as crevices, fixtures, underside of furniture, etc. Since Ethylene oxide is not considered an acceptable alternative, then gaseous ozone should be the best choice available.”

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Ozonation of offices, flats and other spaces, decreases the risk of infection by coronavirus, flu and other viruses. Results of researches from laboratory in Hubei (China) made by Virology institution approved effectiveness of ozone as a gas annihilating new coronavirus 2019-nCoV. There are 17 scientist studies showing Ozone can kill the SARS Coronavirus, which is nearly identical. From a study titled “Development of a Practical Method for Using Ozone gas as a Virus Decontaminating Agent,” we pulled the following excerpt: “All 12 viruses tested, on different hard and porous surfaces, and in the presence of biological fluids, could be inactivated by at least 3Log (99.9%)”

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