Professional Ozonation Services in Aberdeen area

We disinfect spaces with ozone to ensure the highest cleaning standards and keep your business and home free from bacterias, viruses, dust, odours & moulds.

An effective and safe method of spaces & surfaces disinfection, that is natural & eco-friendly.

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Our Offer

Schools & Nurseries

 By repetitive ozonation of interiors we eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses. Thanks to this we reduce amount of sickness.

Hotels & B&B's

Ensure your clients have the highest possible cleaning standard of your rooms. The ozonation process in rooms guarantees an allergen, bacteria and virus-free stay. Annihilate all kinds of unwanted smells and extend the feeling of freshness in your hotel rooms.


Keep maximum workplace protection. Ozonation, particularly, is efficient when it comes to disinfecting inaccessible places like an air condition ducting. Thanks to our service your office will become vastly cleaner, fresher and helps your employees to work more efficiently. ​

Dental Practice & GP

Ozone penetrates every single square inch of your office, it is like you sink it into tub full of ozone. It is fastest and most efficient way to get rid of bacteria and viruses from your business office. ​

Hospitals & Care Homes

Ozone gets deep into materials. Blankets, bed sheets and mattresses are being disinfected with the highest possible level thanks to our devices. Ozonation kills over 50 pathogenic germs, viruses and fungi common for hospitals and care homes. ​

Beauty Salons

Do you own beauty salon, are you hairdresser or maybe a physiotherapist? Take care of the safety of your clients, employees and your own by choosing the most effective method of disinfection - ozonation. Thanks to regular cleaning and our disinfection method you can be sure that every inch of your business is virus free.


Ozone greatly reduces the cooking odours and helps with eliminating grease accumulation before it will spread to the ventilation ducting. ​


We offer professional gym disinfection with the use of our ozone generator. What might be important for you is that ozone also removes unpleasant odours from gym properties.


In addition, we provide certificates for every service. This will ensure your regular clients made the right choice by picking you. Moreover, it will attract new clients because nowadays people are looking for the best standard of hygiene from businesses like yours.​

Production And Industry

Ozone (Triatomic oxygen) kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. Moreover, it returns to its prior form rapidly, therefore it is safe to use with food as it does not leave toxic wastage.


Make sure that your business has an outstanding level of hygiene. This will guarantee another advantage for your business over competitors. ​

Cinemas and Theatres

Seats are a perfect spot for multiplying bacteria and mites. Make sure your viewers can enjoy movies and admire spectacles being comfortable and safe. ​

Public Toilets

You will not have to worry about any diseases anymore. Our disinfection technique will penetrate right through every possible square inch of the surface. ​

Properties to Let

Ozone will not only remove unpleasant smells but also disinfect and remove allergens for your next tenants. Provide your clients a space free of bacteria, viruses, mould and unwanted smells. ​


After our cleaning service your trailer will smell fresh for a long time! It is worth to mention that ozone is a perfect solution for people who struggle with allergies. ​


You bought second hand car and can’t get rid of cigarette odour? Or maybe you want to sell your car and need to eliminate bad smells before? . Ozone eliminates 100% of any odour, it leaves interior of your car totally free of any smells


The fact is that 1 in 5 houses in the UK suffer from mould which can affect both new and old buildings. If your child or someone from your family has allergies, ozonation will help them in no time.

... and many more!

Just contact us and ask for the quotation!​

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Why O3?

We are a family business based in Aberdeen.

We work with a professional ozone generator, our devices efficiency enable us to disinfect 1000 ft2 within 60 minutes.

Our service is free of delivery charges up to 15 miles from Aberdeen.

When you choose us, you choose high quality services delivered on time. 

We have all necessary qualifications & certificates needed to perform the job.

We constantly develop our knowledge in the field of ozonating by following newest researches and experiments.

Also, we are investing in brand new equipment that allows us to take our service to the highest level in possible shortest period of time. Remember this when you will look for cleaning services next time!

Do you need any more information about our service?

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