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We give something more than just cleaning. We support your health!

You wonder if you need such service as ozonation?

Look around. Do you really think you breathe with clean air? You hope that there are no bacteria and fungus all around?
That you bed sheets are free from mite?

Unfortunately, microorganisms are everywhere. If you feel that they may be a threat for your life and health, it is the
right time to book our services.

In crowded places you can find a lot of microorganisms. Schools and nurseries are places where hygiene is on the first place. Teachers and caretakers are making sure kids faces and hand are free from dirt, floors are being clean daily. Although very often this control measures are not enough to protect children from getting ill, especially during flu season. By repetitive ozonation of interiors we eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses. Thanks to this we reduce amount of sickness. We can also provide certificate of ozonation for given place.



Our disinfection technique is especially dedicated for those places where hygiene and safety are on the first place. Ozonation is dry way to remove fungus, bacteria and viruses. It is very effective and rapid as the place is able for use within an hour after intervention. It is perfect way to clean places where people with vulnerable health are being living. Ozone gets deep into materials, blankets, bed sheets and mattress are being disinfected highly effectively with our help. Ozonation kills over 50 pathogenic germs, viruses and fungus common for hospitals. It is more successful, safer and faster than popular chlorine. We can prove our effectiveness by providing swabs from before and after intervention, we also provide microbiological research service.

Do you own beauty salon, are you hairdresser or maybe a physiotherapist? Take care of the safety of your clients, employees and your own by choosing the most effective method of disinfection- ozonation. Thanks to regular cleaning and our disinfection method you can be sure that every inch of your business is virus free. Moreover, ozonation will annihilate every smell and all allergens in your workplace.

After we finish our job you will receive a personal (with your and the company name) certificate that will ensure your clients you have got the highest level of hygiene at your premises. In addition, you will get a sticker with information about our service which you can place on entrance which gives a clear sense of safety and professionalism.

For requests we are also able to ozonate every kind of textiles e.g. towels that you are using during your service.

Our disinfection way is perfect for Dental practice and GP offices. Main advantage of ozone over chlorine is that it does not leave toxic fumes after using. Area is free to use within an hour after disinfection. Ozone penetrates every single square inch of your office, it is like you sink it into tub full of ozone. It is fastest and most efficient way to get rid of bacteria and viruses from your business office.

We offer professional gym disinfection with the use of our ozone generator. What might be important for you is that ozone also removes unpleasant odours from gym properties.

Cleaning the interiors of sport venues is an absolute priority to keep your clients satisfied. Ozonation provides disinfection as well as elimination of odour, especially smell of sweat which is a common problem in changing rooms and gyms. This kind of places of public use require regular control and maintenance.

Continuous chemical disinfection could have a negative impact on your gym gear. Unlike ozone which is natural gas that does not harm gear and the material it is made of.

Are you struggling with mould and a bad smell at your place? The fact is that 1 in 5 houses in the UK suffer from mould which can affect both new and old buildings. If your child or someone from your family has allergies, ozonation will help them in no time. Regular service of ozonation will significantly improve the quality of your and your family’s life by the anihilation of mould, bacteria and allergens. We advice to ozonate flats and houses every 3-4 months. In some specific situations such as contagious diseases it is necessary to disinfect the space right after the affected persons are healthy.

Ozonation of trading areas allows to maintain the highest possible level of hygiene. Ozone cleans not only surface of your shop, it will take care about your goods as well. Our service will make your AC systems free from bacteria and viruses too.

We have great news for grocery shops, thanks to ozone your fruits and vegetables will stay fresh way longer.

In addition, we provide certificates for every service. This will ensure your regular clients made the right choice by picking you. Moreover, it will attract new clients because nowadays people are looking for the best standard of hygiene from businesses like yours.

Bacteria and fungus are affecting freshness of your product. You can’t avoid smell of fish in your business but you can prevent your business from germs making it even worse. Fish business creates vast amount of workplaces in Aberdeenshire. Thanks to our ozone solution your employees will stay safe and healthy. Make sure that your business have an outstanding level of hygiene. This will guarantee another advantage for your business over competitors.

  • For individual clients: boats, attics, basements.
  • Transport: taxi, planes, airports, coaches, lorries, ferries.
  • Medical services: vets, operating theatres, tanning beds, saunas.
  • Beauty: spa, massage rooms, tanning beds, saunas.
  • Entertainment: cinemas and theatres, night clubs, bars.
  • Commerce business: shopping malls, wholesaler’s, cold stores.

Ensure your clients have the highest possible cleaning standard of your rooms. The Ozonation of rooms guarantees an allergen, bacteria and virus-free stay. Annihilate all kinds of unwanted smells and extend the feeling of freshness in your hotel rooms.

A standard way of cleaning surfaces chemically will never solve all of the problems when trying to keep a high quality of hygiene for your hotel guests. Ozonation, in rooms and other spaces e.g. reception, conference rooms, bars and staff rooms, creates a safe environment for all guests and employees.

In addition, we provide certificates for every service. This will ensure your regular clients made the right choice by picking you. Moreover, it will attract new guests because nowadays people are looking for the best standard of hygiene from businesses like yours.

The amount of people coming in and out to offices increases spreading of germs, bacteria and viruses. To achieve maximum workplace protection choose our special offer. Offices, phones, computers and office accessories are great places where bacteria spread and live. Buildings that have a large area are most affected. Open-space buildings also have a high chance of containing viruses and bacteria. The only way to get rid of these is Ozonation. Not only does this remove viruses, but it also prevents them from spreading. Ozonation tackles and kills allergens from office air conditioning systems.

Ozone greatly reduces the cooking odours and helps with eliminating grease accumulation before it will spread to the ventilation ducting.

Restaurants are places where apart from a great amount of clients ,you can find a lot of staff. This situation is perfect for the spreading of bacteria. Moreover, constant cooking and serving meals creates a lot of different smells which can create an unpleasant combination if they mix. Ozonation is a process that solves these problems as it provides odour removal and it does not affect restaurant open hours. Furthermore, with our highly efficient generator we are able to disinfect 1000 ft2 within 60 minutes. Disinfection with ozone does not demand hours of preparation. All we need to start is a space without people ant plants. After we finished the place is ready to use within an hour.

If you have had problems with unpleasant smells (tobacco smoke, spices, animals etc), your previous tenants did not clean or you are fighting with mould? And even your regular cleaning service cannot cope with odour removal?

Ozonation is a perfect solution for these kind of situations. Ozone will not only remove unpleasant smells but also disinfect and remove allergens for your next tenants. Provide your clients a space free of bacteria, viruses, mould and unwanted smells. In addition, after our service you will receive a certificate ensuring the highest possible level of hygiene which will help your offers become even more attractive for potential clients.

Ozonation is a brilliant way to disinfect production halls, production tapes, warehouse and all interiors, devices and other things having contact with food. Triatomic oxygen kills bacteria, viruses and funguses, moreover it becomes diatomic rapidly, therefore it is safe to use with food, as it does not leave any toxic wastage. Disinfection of production halls and warehouses can be easier, and faster than you think. We own highly efficient devices. We are able to clean interiors of few thousands m3 large within few hours and after approximately 2 hours it is ready to use again safely.

Use our service once or twice per year to fully enjoy your trailer and keep it in excellent shape throughout the whole year. Ozone is an excellent solution when it comes to removal of unpleasant smells and it will annihilate mould in your motorhome. After our cleaning service your trailer will smell fresh for a long time! It is worth to mention that ozone is a perfect solution for people who struggle with allergies.

Ozonation is a great solution for maintaining hygiene for all air condition ducting which is a perfect place for fungus growth. Ozone is safe for human beings as well as for animals. We can clean your trailer even in the most inaccessible places. If you do not want to come back from your holiday sick, mind that your trailer should be disinfected before every camping season! You should not ignore this fact.

You bought second hand car and can’t get rid of cigarette odour? Or maybe you want to sell your car and need to eliminate bad smells before? We are perfect solution for your problem. Ozone eliminates 100% of any odour, it leaves interior of your car totally free of any smells. In addition it will kill all fungus and mould in yours cars Air Conditioning system. Say goodbye to running nose after quick journey for groceries.

You will not have to worry about any diseases anymore. Our disinfection technique will penetrate right through every possible square inch of the surface. As we know public toilets are paradise for germs and viruses. During this uncertain times it is even more important to maintain them absolutely clean. Moreover it will remove 100% of bad odour. Most efficient way to disinfect in Aberdeen.

Our technique will not only leave these premises free of bacteria and viruses but also will remove every odours.

We gave just a few examples for use of triatomic oxygen! Ozone has much wider possibilities to use.

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